That he try one of the many trapped in an epidemic out-of men loneliness

Fundamentally, their cause for passing was listed once the “undetermined”, and understanding that this new inquest is actually covered right up in about forty moments.

And you may Demirer suit you perfectly: a person who was separated years back, estranged out of family members and you may with no youngsters. The fresh blank judge did actually echo the latest sooner or later blank lifestyle the fresh new report decorated.

However, I had a sense Atilla Demirer got far more to state, and so i lead out over this new flat cut-off inside Waterloo where the guy used to alive: new Daniel Solander tower.

‘We never watched him‘

Brand new block try an imposing sight, imposing over regional property, and presented by big trees that have snaked their way right up, streaking the building that have shadows.